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Blå Folk modernizes society by merging different cultural influences into contemporary narratives stimulating dialogue, exploration and inclusivity. We believe that Blå Folk should work to enshrine the kind of world we want to live in, a world of tolerance, openness, and constant advancement. We are focusing on creating a community and cultural meeting point, focusing on tolerance and inclusivity. Not affiliated with any specific religion - We function as a centre for all people of goodwill to come together as one. It will serve as a community for inter-religious dialogue and exchange, nurturing the values of peaceful co-existence, understanding and acceptance among different beliefs, nationalities and cultures. 


We provide a foundation for political and societal progress at the intersection where foreign and local cultures meet. The retail environment represents a safe space, each volume illustrated with cultural references, defining the perspectives on modernized culture. An emotional narrative will be created, enforcing recollection of memory and nostalgic connections to the design aspects of foreign heritages, creating a cosmopolitan brand.

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Our retail environment is based upon the structure of a riad, a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an atrium or inner garden, to give a nostalgic feeling to our sub-segment. We offer an understated approach that soothes the aesthetic and the emotional senses. This intimate garden offers space for dialogue and mutual understanding, providing a foundation for political and societal progress.

The Bla Folk Store is a space for gathering and reconnecting with relatives and friends. Yet new acquaintances should be made too, ideally over the enjoyment of a fresh beverage from our organic Blå Folk Café. Without breaking down to grandiose monumentalism, the building and its surrounding grounds are a peaceful oasis for reminiscence.


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Acne Studios Blå Folk 2019           in collaboration with Leonardo Binswanger          Amsterdam Fashion Institute