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Faustino designed a custom 30-page brand book for Komandanti showcasing a fresh translation of Afro ethnicity by reclaiming heritage and stimulating dialogue, diversity and culture. In this brand book, you will explore the brand’s deeper philosophy, vision, mission, key values and the various photographic elements that visually translate the brand.

Komandanti is a luxury brand that wants to contribute to the rising Afro ethnic identities by translating personal stories that are uniquely narrated to create a space for diversity and culture. The brand brings a new visual impression to a contemporary culture. 


To be able to lift our collective consciousness and broaden our horizons; We would like to see afro cultures identified, together with the community that belongs to it. This is what compels Komandanti to empower the community. Its job is to make them curious or persuade them, by hook or crook, to become more aware of themselves and where they came from - To discover what they are into and to bring out what is already within themselves. 

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Komandanti 2019          Amsterdam Fashion Institute