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Our first conversation is with Amaal Mohmoud, Member Events Manager at Soho House Amsterdam. Amaal explains what the misconceptions of her job are and why it is important to make more room at the table once you’ve gotten your own seat. We also speak about trial and error and the way her academic background is very different from her current position but at the same time influenced her in many ways. To start and finish this conversation we are listening to ‘Colorblind’ by Latanya Alberto.

In the second episode of Look Around we are having a conversation with Amsterdam based photographer Cuba Rebelde, who recently co-founded the platform @thee.newnormal. Next to that, she also studies to become an English teacher in order to educate a future generation of conscious kids. This is why, in our conversation, Cuba doesn't only explain what education means to her but also how she uses her network to get inspired and actively learn more on a daily basis from practical photography skills to bigger life lessons. To start and finish this conversation we are listening to ‘Breeze’ by Naomi Sharon.

In the third episode of Look Around we are in conversation with Yến-Nhi Lê, who gives us an inside on her creative journey. Not only does she talk about the process of creating her documentary ‘Scars of War’, but we also discuss why social media can be an important tool to both hold each other accountable and at the same time reach out to other creatives. On top of that, the fashion & management student is part of Creative Women Agency. Yến-Nhi explains how empowering it was and is for her to meet other creative women who inspire and support one another in the work field. To start and finish this conversation we are listening to ‘On The Rise’ by Jay-Way.

We are all on a personal journey and as a creative person, that is still trying to find their place, it can be challenging to discover possibilities within the industry. Especially when representation is lacking and one can’t recognise themselves in their desired position. We’ve invited creatives to share their personal stories, to understand how they found their true passion and were able to make space for themselves within their field.


In collaboration with Marian Duff and Shaquille Shaniqua Joy           MAFB Look Around Podcast           in collaboration with Vondel CS

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